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Myface is a young company born in 2021 from the passion and creative spirit that has always distinguished the character of its founder Angelo. Inspired – by what we can define as a true enlightenment – Angelo creates unique works of art using wood as a raw material: a carefully selected material that he knows deeply and that accompanies him throughout his professional and personal life. Myface is aimed at art lovers, at all those who want to personalise everyday objects and utensils such as clocks, mirrors, bottle holders and many others, designed and created by Angelo’s creativity. Each work is made from the customer’s profile, giving uniqueness and personality to the work itself. An ambitious, unique and artistic project. A clear example of how passion, experience and imagination can come together, realise a dream and give life to a young and daring entrepreneurial activity; daughter of old arts now almost forgotten: where hand, sweat and ingenuity shape originality and wonder. Today Myface launches its proposal on the regional, national and international market. A unique project, never before realised, which once again finds its cradle in the Veneto, the birthplace of great enterprises and successes. The future looks bright for the company, which is already looking forward to new partnerships and increasingly sophisticated offers to its customers.

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La Bottega Dell’Occhiale

La Bottega dell’Occhiale

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La Bottega Dell’Occhiale, owned by Marco Darin was opened on 18 May 2001, offering customers high quality, handcrafted or branded eyeglasses and sunglasses at competitive prices.

The glasses are divided into glasses produced by the company’s own factory in Cadore and designer glasses from the most famous brands such as Serengeti, Persol, Ray-Ban and many others, ranging from an elegant to a sporty look.

We also have a contact lens department selling daily Focus Dailies and monthly Choice a.b. contact lenses from Ciba Vision with all the relevant accessories.

The shop also has a refraction room with appropriate equipment for free computerised eyesight checks. We also have a workshop for the rapid fitting of any type of glasses.

Located 10 minutes from the centre of Treviso, we have parking availability in a residential area with a countless amount of services.

As we now also have an e-commerce we can provide a complete service to all our customers in Treviso and beyond.

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