The Etichetta Veneta magazine

“Etichetta Veneta Live” the online magazine extension of the platform will be available and downloadable in pdf for anyone wishing to delve into the stories and personal lives of our protagonists.

We will publish face-to-face interviews, carried out by our correspondents, to get to know the Etichetta Veneta partners directly, their products, but above all their personal and professional journey.

Our magazine is the beating heart of the Etichetta Veneta project. We want to make your product known through your story. Because only you are the best advertisement for what you create, produce or offer your customers.

We want to rediscover together the importance of sacrifice, courage and trust.

It will be a dynamic magazine, constantly searching for the individual and collective skills that have made our great Veneto.

If you would also like to present your product and/or service, telling us about your experience, send us an email with no obligation, we will be happy to contact you as soon as possible and meet you.