Our Services

Etichettaveneta.com offers its partners a series of services to spread the word about their activities on the web and social networks in a way that is totally customised to the client, while also seeking to promote the territory with off-line activities.

On-Line Magazine:

We have created an online magazine where we intend to periodically publish our meetings and interviews in order to create that human contact and direct knowledge of our affiliates. We intend to promote our territory through meetings with the municipal administrations, offering a completely free space for videos and information useful for the development and economic growth of even the smallest Veneto municipality, where the true excellence of the territory is often hidden.

Presence in platform channels:

Platform advertising space for activities and trade associations aimed at tourism promotion, reception, catering and direct sales.

Website creation and management and social channels:

We offer you the possibility to create your personal website through our platform and choose the best options for its management; we also provide advice on the correct management of your social networks.

All our services will be discussed with the Partner at the time of the private signing, leading to an optimisation of the costs and resources to be deployed.