Stivens Mazzuia, Maître – Sommelier – Room Manager

Stivens Mazzuia class of 1969, esteemed Maitre, Sommelier, Room Manager, Vegetable Carver and professional in the food and wine sector. Bronze medal at the 2020 Italian Artistic Cookery Championships in Rimini. Nationally and internationally recognised expert in the field of Hotellerie and Sommelerie. Business consultant for the reorganisation of hotels, restaurants and public establishments. Teacher trainer at the Lepido Rocco Institute in Pramaggiore, specialising in bar and restaurant service. Member of the national association FISAR (Federazione Italiana Sommelier Albergatori e Ristoratori), which trains professional sommeliers and promotes wine products in the region. National Vice-President of the NOI (New Italian Hospitality) association, mainly made up of hospitality professionals (hall, bar, reception, etc.). The association was set up with the aim of bringing the world of young people into contact with the world of education in order to bring professionalism and experience and pass them on to the new generations. To date, the association has branches in Germany, Switzerland and Miami, as well as in Italy. Currently in the process of obtaining recognition as an Official Taster from the prestigious international association ONAV (Organizzazione Nazionale Assaggiatori Vino – National Organisation of Wine Tasters), Stivens Mazzuia holds the position of Board Member at the Venice office, dealing with the management of training courses and web promotion. The association’s activities focus mainly on promoting local wines and analysing the purely technical side of the product. A certificate, that of Official Taster, which allows enrolment in the national register of tasters with the possibility and ability to present the product, describe its organoleptic composition, its special characteristics and the sensations that delight the palate.

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Gaetano Cutrignelli – Professional Barman Classic; Technical Training Collaborator

Born in Bari in 1971 Gaetano (Nino) Cutrignelli is a professional Barman and a teacher-trainer for young people aspiring to the profession of Barman. His career started way back in his early teens, when he developed a passion for liqueurs, their history and provenance. At the age of eleven, he began collecting small bottles of liqueurs of various labels. He spends his days literally hanging from the counters of the bars in the centre of Bari, spying on the master barmen of the time. He was fascinated by their immaculate white uniforms and elegant black bow ties. The composure, elegance and subtle austerity of the Masters attracted him and captured his imagination, marking the decisions that would condition his future life. In 1985 Gaetano enrolled at the Istituto Alberghiero Statale “Armando Perotti” in Bari. After the first three years of practical training, he completed the following two years, acquiring skills and competences in administration and management accounting, and the diploma of Qualification of Waiter and Bar Operator: a certificate recognised at European level. During his time at school, Gaetano spent his summers working in the best hotels in the area. During the winter periods, in addition to his ordinary lessons, he follows his teachers in additional courses promoted by AIBES (Italian Association of Bartenders and Supporters). He accompanies them to the premises where they provide evening service. The tasks are the simplest and most humble, but for Gaetano they represent the first steps into the world to which he has always dreamed of belonging. 

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Chef Matteo Padoan

Born in Treviso, Chef Matteo “Teo” Padoan is a nationally and internationally recognised cook and carver. Member of the F.I.C. Association (Italian Cooks Federation), captain of the carving team of the province of Treviso, Chef Matteo reaches several times the world top in culinary art competitions. In 2016 he took part in the cooking Olympics (carving art) in Erfurt, Germany, winning the bronze medal after a challenge that saw more than 170 countries compete for the gold with 4000 participants from all over the world. In 2017 he won gold at the Italian championships in Rimini.  In February 2018 he counts two medals also in the national championships. Silver in the “Opere Pronte” category (where the work is created before the event), and bronze medal in the “Live” competition (where the creation is carried out on site). In October of the same year he competed in the World Championships in Luxembourg, winning two silver medals in the Ready-made and Live categories, and finally, a bronze medal in “Intaglio vegetali pronti” (a discipline that involves carving previously prepared vegetables). These results put him among the top ten carvers in the world. After a professional period in his hometown, Chef Teo moved to the Riviera Romagnola where he worked for the best restaurants and hotels on the coast, conquering both eyes and palates by presenting his dishes and artistic creations. Today he successfully manages the kitchens of a well-known hotel in Jesolo, alternating his work in the kitchen with his competitive commitments.

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