About us

We are a team of professionals coming from different worlds but linked by a common project. Each of us has built his working life in the field through study and practice. Catering, web-digital, design-marketing, company representation and direct sales are some of the characteristics that distinguish us. Today, we want to join forces to embark together on a path of knowledge, development and sharing.

Who we are addressing

EtichettaVeneta.com is aimed at anyone who has at heart the desire to make their territory, their activity and their history known. We address all those entrepreneurial, associative and territorial promotion realities present in our beautiful land. Those professionals who, with their creative and innovative spirit over the decades, have made the Veneto the leading region of Italy today.


EtichettaVeneta.com is a very ambitious project, a path of research and sharing that aims to discover the peculiarities and professionalism that have always characterised our territory. We want to provide concrete help in the promotion and sale of products and services.  The hectic pace of our lives, new methods of communication and general digitalisation are undoubtedly important and essential elements in the development of those who want to do business and be competitive locally and internationally. However, we must not forget the importance of human relations, knowledge in the field, commitment and sacrifices that skilled people make every day to provide products and services of the highest excellence. EtichettaVeneta.com wants to enhance these aspects through direct contact, constant research and participatory sharing. We want to combine the new that is advancing with aspects of sales and communication of the past. We believe, and we are convinced, that in order to provide better support for our activities, it is necessary and indispensable to get to know them, their productive life and the personalities behind their success. Our idea of a marketplace entirely dedicated to excellence in the Veneto region was born from these assumptions. A path that we hope will lead us to get to know, study and share the qualities that have always distinguished us as Veneto people.

Faces of Etichetta Veneta

Etichetta Veneta is not only a website but also people who work and believe in this project and as such we put our face and a small description of ourselves on it because for us human contact and face to face is our cornerstone.

Luciano Abiti

I am 46 years old and live in Treviso.
I have always been involved in the food sector: first as a salesperson and then as a freelancer, activities that have made me know and understand the importance of human relations, customer contact and the daily challenges that lie behind every small or great success. I have always believed in cooperation, both in my private and professional life.
My nature as a dreamer, my love and interest for our land pushed me to undertake the etichettaveneta.com project because it is only through dreams that we can imagine the impossible and make it possible.

Matteo Durante

I’m a young and dynamic man, I’ve always been passionate about IT, I’ve worked for private industry as IT manager and for Public Health as Help Desk and IT technician. Now I follow as a consultant the companies that want to exploit the Web and Social resources, with the project etichettaveneta.com I want to make available my know-how to the people and businesses of my land.