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Zanatta Caffè

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Zanatta Caffè is a territorial reality founded and conceived by Marco Zanatta: owner together with his wife Manuela Talia of the Caffetteria Centrale in Silea. Its history began on 8th March 1997 when Marco and Manuela, after nine years’ experience at the historic “Ai Soffioni” café – then run by Renato Montirosso and his wife Lorena – decided it was time to take a risk. They therefore took over the management of the Caffetteria Centrale in the town of Silea: an elegant and welcoming town overlooking the beautiful waters of the River Sile. The first few years of business are very hard and intense. But Marco and Manuela did not give up and continued to serve their customers, offering quality products and impeccable service. Their efforts were soon rewarded and the much hoped-for results soon arrived. The relationship with the citizens is solidified and soon the Caffetteria Centrale becomes a reference point for many residents. The services offered by Marco and Manuela, their kindness, professionalism and elegance cross the municipal borders and contribute to a constantly growing evolution of their business. In the following years the Cafeteria became a meeting place for many young people and the centre of Silese nightlife, and not only.

Turnover increased and Marco and Manuela expanded their staff, hiring and training new personnel. In 2013 the aftermath of the 2008 economic crisis began to be felt even in the “Horeca” sector (hotel-restaurant-cafeteria). But Marco’s intuition, born of the entrepreneurial spirit that has always distinguished him, proved to be right and far-sighted. Coffee consumption at the Caffetteria Centrale remains very high and attracts unexpected interest. After an evening dinner, and on the advice of Umberto Golfetto, an old family friend active in the coffee sales sector, Marco made the decision that would change the future of his company forever. He founded the Zanatta Caffè brand and launched himself into the world of entrepreneurship. The company entrusted the roasting of its coffee to Galiano Caffè of Quinto di Treviso. Marco studied blends, proportions and the origin of the raw materials and proposed his product on the market. The success is immediate and the response positive. In 2018 the Zanatta Sweet & Savoury brand was born, combining two different but complementary realities: coffee and biscuits. Today, twenty-five years on from the first coffee served, the Zanatta Caffè s.r.l. company has twelve employees in the cafeteria sector, several Zanatta Caffè points of sale, four selected blends in beans for bars and restaurants, a line of capsules for home consumption, more than twenty references of related products and a constantly growing turnover.

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Internet Café da Bepi

Internet Café da Bepi

About Us

A family-run bar and restaurant since 1957. Since 1978 it has been run by Giuseppe “Bepi” Borin and his wife Antonella Cestaro.

A bar with “homemade” and express cuisine that has been a point of reference for many years in the Santa Bona district on the outskirts of Treviso.

In addition to the classic menu of the typical bar-osteria, the internet café offers a refined cuisine typical of the Veneto and Treviso areas. Particular attention is paid to fresh, high quality fish products, to the now famous “Bepi’s spit” and finally to Antonella’s tasty mixed boiled meat.

Tel.: +39 0422 435947

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Some of the specialities of the Internet Café

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