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Italica is a Treviso-based company that is a leader in the design, production and sale of customised bicycles, cargo bikes and bicycle racks: “One company… three solutions” is the company slogan. Founded in 2008 by Walter Turniano, the company enjoyed a successful period of strong growth. In 2015, the company acquired the “pandabike” brand and began a new challenge: the design and creation of Cargo Bikes. The ecological spirit of the founder guides the administrative, logistic and constructive choices of the company: reflecting itself on the product it offers its customers. Today Italica, in addition to the classic models of customised bicycles, successfully produces three flagship models of the pandabike product. The Panda Classic model, with a long seat; the Panda Cuore model, with a short seat and finally the Panda Smoking model, with a double or single rear seat. The company operates throughout Italy and boasts around forty internal and external collaborators, a Show Room where customers can be received, and a constantly growing turnover.

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Some pandabike models

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panda 4 zampe
smoking 2 posti
smoking 2 bimbi copia
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